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Gilmour Space, Atomos Space enter MOU for in-space transportation and launch


COLORADO, USA & GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA -- February 23, 2023 -- Gilmour Space Technologies (“Gilmour”) and Atomos Nuclear and Space Corporation (“Atomos”) have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore a multi-year contract for Gilmour and Atomos to mutually purchase services for launch and in-space transportation.

The partnership will see Atomos contract Gilmour for launch services on its Eris and upcoming orbital launch vehicles. In addition, Atomos’ Orbital Transfer Vehicles (OTVs) will provide in-space transportation services to customers and launch aggregation services of multiple customer spacecraft for launch on Gilmour vehicles.

While the barrier to entry for satellites to get to space is decreasing significantly, some applications require access into difficult-to-reach orbits. Atomos Space solves this problem by providing in-space transportation and orbit-raising services to satellites. Atomos has a unique approach; unlike similar systems under development, Atomos OTVs reside in space and rendezvous with client satellites on-orbit. This allows the full launch mass and volume to be reserved for the payload, reducing costs to the customer, and allows launch vehicles such as the Eris to be used for a wider range of missions.

“This new agreement with Atomos is an exciting opportunity for Gilmour Space,” said Adam Gilmour, CEO of Gilmour Space Technologies. “We look forward to exploring the possibility of leveraging Atomos’ orbital transfer capabilities to expand our services and the flexibility of access to space to new markets and customers.”
“By leveraging the strengths of each of our companies, we anticipate being able to provide unparalleled services to customers in the space launch and transportation industry,” said Vanessa Clark, CEO of Atomos.


About Atomos Space

Atomos Space is an American orbital transfer vehicle company that provides a variety of in-space transportation services to customers utilizing high-power electrical propulsion.

About Gilmour Space

Gilmour Space Technologies is an Australian launch services company that specialises in providing affordable and reliable launch vehicles and satellite platforms to customers around the world.

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