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Gilmour Space founders

Founded by two brothers in Gold Coast, Queensland, GILMOUR SPACE is a venture-capital-backed Australian launch services company that is developing new capabilities for launching satellites to space.

Since starting its rocket program in 2015, Gilmour Space has become the leading provider of Australian-made launch vehicles and satellite platforms that will lower the cost of accessing space.




RASTA test launch
JUL 2016
RASTA Test Launch

Gilmour Space launched Australia's first privately developed hybrid rocket in 2016, reportedly a world-first demonstration of a rocket launch using 3D printed fuel. 

Gilmour Space founders
JUN 2017  |  AUG 2018
Series A & B Venture Funding

The Queensland-based company was one of the first space startups in Australia to receive significant venture capital investment.

Gilmour Space MARS rover
MAR 2018
NASA Space Act Agreement

Gilmour Space signed a Space Act Agreement to work with NASA on various space research, development and education initiatives.

Gilmour Space One Vision test
JUL 2019
One Vision Launch Attempt

We successfully demonstrated our small rocket mobile launch capability, however our One vision suborbital test rocket suffered an anomaly just seconds before launch. While disappointing, the test has provided valuable learnings for our next rocket.

Gilmour Space rebranding, 2019
OCT 2019
Welcome to the new 'Gilmour Space'

To Space, the Moon, Mars, and to the Stars. Our vision, our logo...and now a new brand look for 'Gilmour Space' as we rocket into the future!

Eris second stage firing - render
JUN 2021
Gilmour raises Series C investment

The Series C round includes US-based Fine Structure Ventures, Australian venture capital firms Blackbird and Main Sequence, and superannuation funds HESTA, Hostplus, and NGS Super.

Gilmour Space, Griffith Uni sign MOU
OCT 2020
Gilmour Space and Griffith University aim high with new MOU

Griffith University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Gold Coast company Gilmour Space Technologies that will see Low Earth Orbit (LEO) prototype satellites developed locally and deployed for launch in 2023. 

Gilmour Space, Northrop Grumman sign MOU
NOV 2020
Gilmour Space signs MoU with Northrop Grumman

Gilmour Space has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with global aerospace giant Northrop Grumman Corporation to work on developing sovereign space capabilities in Australia.

Gilmour Space, Momentus sign launch agreement
DEC 2020
New Launch and Transportation Service with Momentus 

Momentus Inc., a commercial space company offering in-space infrastructure services, and Gilmour Space today announced a new agreement for launch and orbital transport services.

Gilmour Space 90kN testfire, 2021
JAN & FEB 2021
New Year, New Record

Gilmour Space begins main engine tests ahead of its first commercial Eris rocket launch in 2022 ; sets new world record for single-port hybrid rocket engines.

Gilmour Space, Fleet Space sign launch agreement
MAR 2021
Gilmour Space to launch Fleet satellites in 2023

Two of Australia’s New Space pioneers — Gilmour Space and Fleet  — are joining forces to launch small satellites to orbit.

Gilmour Space, DEWC sign MOU
APR 2021
DEWC Systems, Gilmour Space collaborate to launch the next-gen MOESS system

Electronic Warfare company DEWC Systems and Australian launch services company Gilmour Space Technologies have signed an MOU.

Illustration of Gilmour Space at Bowen Orbital Spaceport
MAY 2021
QLD Govt gives go-ahead for a small rocket launch site at Abbot Point

Locals and tourists in the Whitsunday region could soon be watching rockets launching into space with the Queensland government today announcing its support for the local space launch industry.

Illustration of Gilmour Space Eris rocket in space
JUN 2021
Gilmour Space rockets ahead with $61M Series C funding 

Largest private equity raise by a space company in Australia led by US-based Fine Structure Ventures, including Australian VCs Blackbird and Main Sequence, Queensland Investment Corporation, and superannuation funds HESTA, Hostplus and NGS Super. 

Gilmour Space joins AROSE
MAY 2021
Gilmour Space joins AROSE

The Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth (AROSE) consortium welcomed Australian launch services company Gilmour Space Technologies as its latest member.

Gilmour Space, Exolaunch sign agreement
AUG 2021
First European partnership agreement

Australia’s Gilmour Space and Germany’s Exolaunch sign agreements for Small Satellite Launch and In-Space Transportation Services

Gilmour Space Eris rocket is Australian Made
NOV 2021
Eris is 'Australian Made & Owned'

It's official - an Australian Made rocket will be launching to orbit in 2022.

Gilmour Space and DSTG test
DEC 2021
Defence Science Technology Group testing with Gilmour Space

An advanced high-temperature material developed by Australian Defence scientists could be destined for space thanks to an ongoing partnership between Defence and Gilmour Space.

Gilmour Space, Juru People sign Cultural Heritage Agreement
DEC 2021
Juru Traditional Owners support rocket launches from Bowen

The Juru Traditional Owners at Bowen have signed a Cultural Heritage Management Agreement with Gilmour Space, supporting a proposed launch site within the Queensland government-owned Abbot Point State Development Area.

Gilmour Space
MAY 2022
Gilmour wins contract to build and launch prototype Defence sat

Gilmour Space Technologies, has been selected to develop and launch a new sovereign surveillance satellite for the Department of Defence.

Gilmour MDC Phoenix test
MAY 2022
Full duration test fire of new third stage Phoenix rocket engine

Gilmour Space has unveiled a new 3D printed liquid rocket engine that will power the third stage of its Eris rocket to orbit.

Gilmour Space
AUG 2022
CST signs with Gilmour Space for the launch of 50kg to LEO

Commercial Space Technologies Ltd (CST) has signed an agreement with Australian launch provider, Gilmour Space Technologies, to offer a launch capacity of up to 50 kilograms on their Eris Block 1 vehicle.

Gilmour Space Eris Block 2.jpeg
SEP 2022
Gilmour Space announces first 'Caravan' rideshare mission to LEO

Australia's first Caravan to space is expected to launch in late 2024, carrying multiple satellites and payloads into low earth orbits.

Gilmour Space
OCT 2022
Gilmour offers tech demo satellite mission from Australia in 2024

Gilmour Space is offering a new rideshare mission into Low Earth Orbit — this time, on one of its G-class satellite buses (or G-Sat) scheduled to be launched in late 2024.

Sirius test fire
NOV 2022
Sirius hybrid rocket engine qualified for first launch

Gilmour Space has conducted the final qualification test-fire of its Sirius hybrid rocket engine, paving the way for the country's first orbital launch attempt of an Australian-made rocket next year.

MAY 2023
Prime Minister Albanese unveils Eris Rocket 

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese formally unveiled and ‘launched’ the Eris rocket – Australia’s first home-grown orbital launch vehicle. 

Eris orbital rocket_AG front.jpg
FEB 2024
Gilmour closes Series D as it prepares for launch

Queensland's space race is gathering pace with Gold Coast-based Gilmour Space Technologies raising a $55 million Series D round ahead of a maiden orbital launch this year.

Bowen Orbital Spaceport_Feb2024.jpg
MAR 2024
Australia's first orbital spaceport is approved

Gilmour Space’s Bowen Orbital Spaceport is granted Australia’s first orbital launch facility licence to launch rockets and satellites into LEO.

Aus Made logo

Australian Made & Owned (Eris Orbital Launch Vehicle)

ISO9001 logo

ISO9001 Quality Management System Certified

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Veteran Employer (Department of Veteran Affairs)

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