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Space is STEM

Space & STEM

Believe it or not, Space is now a career option in Australia.

As a pioneer space SME in Australia, we've engaged in hundreds of STEM talks and activities with schools, universities and the public in recent years. Here are some replays that were made public by our partners, covering what we see happening now and for Australia's future in space.


This is only the beginning.


Gilmour Space

CSIRO Education & Outreach

Rocket & Satellite Composite Materials

The Space Careers Wayfinder (a collaboration between CSIRO & ANU) feature people in space careers. Meet Hayley Young from Gilmour Space...

Gilmour Space rocket engineer

Inspiring Design Podcast

Aerospace Careers - Advanced Manufacturing

Gilmour engineer Karl Domjahn spoke with Rashan Senanayake in his educators' podcast about new space careers in Australia.

Gilmour Space

Tafe Queensland

Kirra works with rockets in dream come true

Jun 2022 - Engineering apprentice Kirra Balderston is shooting for the stars at Gilmour Space Technologies thanks to TAFE Queensland.


Careers with STEM

Space Careers

Feb 2021 - A Careers in STEM webinar talking to four professionals currently working in Space here - including Gilmour Space software engineer Thomas Ireland.

Gilmour Space

CSIRO Education & Outreach

Spacecraft Manufacturing

Space Careers Wayfinder: Luke Callaghan emphasises the significance of multidisciplinary skills in the space industry, using an iterative design process to manufacture spacecraft.

Griffith SPASE program launches

Griffith University

Unique SPASE Program

Students from 11 schools across SE QLD have been working to build a satellite that will be launched to space as part of Griffith University's STEM Program About Space Exploration (SPASE).

Gilmour Space

Study Gold Coast, Career Fair 2021

Emerging Industries Panel

Jun 2021 - Cohort Innovation Space highlights new jobs available on the Gold Coast in AI, Blockchain and Space - with Gilmour engineer David Prime. 


STEM Punks

Day in the life of a Rocket Engineer

Jun 2020 - STEM Punks' 'live' interview with Gilmour Space GNC (Guidance, Navigation & Control) engineer Nic Zettl.

Gilmour Space engineer

Australian Space Agency

Digital Q&A - Kody Cook (Gilmour Space)

Apr 2023 - Space Discovery Centre's Q&A with Kody Cook, Head of Software, Electrical, GNC, and Avionics at Gilmour Space Technologies.

Gilmour Space

Study Gold Coast (Podcast)

The New Frontier

Jul 2022 - One of Gilmour Space Technology’s early recruits was Enoch Onamusi, originally from Nigeria; now a Software engineer at Gilmour.


WSF Brisbane 2021

Cool Jobs: Rocket Science

Mar 2021 - A World Science Festival Brisbane spotlight on some out-of-this-world jobs - with Gilmour engineers Thomas Ireland and Kristin Stewart.

Earth and Space

Dept of Industry, Science & Resources

Pathways for a career in space

Discover some possible space career pathways put together by the Australian Space Discovery Center.


S3 integration 1.png

Countdown: Cyclone Kirrily a near miss for Gilmour

Feb 5, 2024 - InnovationAus aims to provide updates between now and launch day, as Gilmour attempts to reach orbit - and beyond.


ABC News

Gold Coast space company prepares for first orbital rocket launch

Oct 2023 - Watch it on ABC News



Industry success will depend on our national ambition

Aug 2022 - An Australian-designed and built rocket carrying satellites designed and built in Australia, and launched from Australian soil...

Gilmour Space

Discovery Channel

Aussie Mega Mechanics - Season 2

Aug 2021 - [Subscription] The ultimate #behindthescenes look at one of Gilmour Space's biggest hybrid rocket test fires in 2021. 


Countdown: Gilmour Space gears up for maiden launch

Jan 19, 2024 - InnovationAus aims to provide updates between now and launch day, as Gilmour attempts to reach orbit - and beyond.


The Project

Two Aussie Brothers Set To Live Out Their Space Dream

May 2023 - Adam and James Gilmour grew up dreaming of being astronauts, and they might be about to make their dream a reality...

Gilmour Space

Tourism Australia Events

Australia Innovates

Feb 2022 - Tourism Australia highlights Gilmour Space,  with its vision to provide more affordable access to space.

Gilmour Space

Channel 10

Advancing Australia: Gilmour Space

Jun 2021 - The Bengar Films crew during the shoot for a Channel 10 innovation episode on 'Advancing Australia' sponsored by AGL. 


Gilmour: Final push toward maiden orbital test flight

Nov 2023 - It has been years in the making but the maiden test flight of Gilmour Space’s three-stage orbital rocket is within sight.


Gilmour Space Technologies – update May 2023

May 2023 - The stars are aligning for Gilmour Space as it prepares for the maiden flight of its Australian made Eris launch vehicle...

Gilmour Space

Nine A Current Affair

Race to Space

Oct 2021 - A Current Affair talks to some Australians with bold plans for the Moon and beyond - incl. Gilmour Space Co-Founder James Gilmour, and Gilmour engineer Kristin Stewart.

Gilmour Space

ABC Four Corners

The New Space Age

Aug 2020 - Four Corners episode with Michael Brissenden exploring Australia's New Space Age, featuring Gilmour Space as a pioneer company. 

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