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Frond Space to provide dragsail system for Gilmour Space satellite

Media Release

AUCKLAND, New Zealand & GOLD COAST, Australia - March 11, 2024

Frond Space Systems, a New Zealand-based company specialising in deployable space technology and Gilmour Space Technologies, an Australian launch service and satellite provider, have signed a contract to supply a dragsail system for Gilmour Space's MMS-1 satellite mission.

The MICRO dragsail system, developed by Frond, is a lightweight and compact device that can be deployed at the end of a spacecraft's life to increase its drag and accelerate its deorbiting. The system aims to enhance space sustainability and reduce the risk of space debris, thereby ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

The Gilmour MMS-1 satellite mission, scheduled for launch in early 2025, will deploy a 100-kilogram class microsatellite to low Earth orbit. Frond's dragsail system will be attached to the satellite and activated after the completion of the mission. The contract reflects Gilmour Space's commitment to the principles of responsible and sustainable space utilisation.


Kody Cook, Head of Satellites at Gilmour Space: "The new five-year deorbit requirement introduced by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is a great step in the right direction for the responsible and sustainable use of the space environment. Products like the MICRO dragsail system developed by Frond Space will be critical for meeting these requirements. It's also a core part of our strategy to support the growth of the trans-Tasman supply chain and start-up ecosystem as we continue to develop future platforms."

Ben Taylor, CEO & Co-founder of Frond Space Systems: "We are delighted to collaborate with Gilmour Space on this exciting mission. This is a great opportunity to showcase our innovative deployable space technology and contribute to the responsible use of space. We are proud to be part of the growing space industry collaboration across Australia and New Zealand, and look forward to working with Gilmour Space and other partners in the region and beyond."

About Gilmour Space:

Gilmour Space Technologies is a leading provider of Australian orbital launch services, delivering dedicated and rideshare solutions to global customers from Queensland, Australia. For more information about Gilmour's launch and satellite programs, visit or email

About Frond Space Systems:

Frond Space Systems are pioneering the future of deployable systems in space. Visit for more information.


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