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MEDIA RELEASE - Embargoed to Jan 11, 2022

Gilmour Space fires up for 2022 with Australia's largest rocket engine test

Dear media partners,

You're welcome to use the info in this FAQ for your story. However, please do not share this link with the public.

  • I no longer see a job that I was interested in. Can I still apply for it?
    If you no longer see a job available online, then we are likely to have filled the position. Please do check in again, however, as we are continually updating our Career page.
  • How do I get an internship at Gilmour Space?
    Thank you for your interest in our company! At this stage, we are only offering University-level internships to students in their final year of study. Those interested can reach out to their respective University placement offices, enquire with the Defence Industry Internship Program for paid placements, or reach out to us directly.
  • Is it possible to do unpaid work experience or volunteer work with you?
    Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to offer unpaid work at this time. Please continue to check our website for any jobs that may suit your level of skills and experience.
  • I have applied for a job online. When can I expect to hear back from you?
    If you have applied for a position through a link on our Careers webpage, then we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can. Unsuccessful applicants will hear from us via email (please do also check your junk folder). Those who are successful in securing an interview will likely hear from us by phone or email (if unavailable by phone). Due to the overwhelming response, we appreciate your patience with us as we try to go through all applications.
  • What qualifications will I need to get a job at Gilmour Space?
    We offer diverse employment opportunities at Gilmour Space, across areas such as Facilities and Maintenance, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Engineers, and Trade Qualified personnel such as Machinists, Welders, Electricians, Test Technicians and more! We recommend that you click through to read each job description, as it includes a recommended list of qualifications for that role.
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