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Gilmour Space founders in 2022 Top 100 Innovators list

We're pleased to be named in this year's Top 100 Innovators List by The Australian.

As David Swan, editor of The List: Innovators 2022 said:

"Innovation takes many forms but its proponents share a common goal — driving Australia forward and inspiring the rest of the nation to achieve continued success. Amid an increasingly uncertain economic, environmental and geopolitical landscape these are the future-makers who are hiring the next generation of talent and building the foundations for what our country can — and should — become."



Adam and James Gilmour

Co-Founders, Gilmour Space Technologies

What started off nearly a decade ago as a scrappy space startup has since grown to become Australia's largest space company. Gold Coast-based Gilmour Space Technologies launched Australia's first privately developed hybrid rocket and is now aiming to launch a satellite prototype in conjunction with the Australian Department of Defence by mid-2023.


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